Theme: Harnessing the Potential of Next-generation health Leaders to Empower Health Care.

For the very first time, the World Health Summit regional meeting will be held on the African continent, in Uganda Kampala hosted by Makerere University from 27th to 28th June 2021.

Preceding this meeting, the M8 Alliance student network has organized a 1-day event on 26th June 2021, aiming at mentorship, empowerment, and open dialogue with students all over the world, and student involvement in the improvement of global health.
The subthemes of interest will include; Youth engagement in leadership, Innovation in health and digital health, Covid-19 pandemic, and mental health with associated substance abuse.

The event will be blended i.e. Attended both physically and virtually. 150 participants will attend physically and virtually there will be no restriction to attendance.

The event will be hosted at Speke resort Munyonyo, Kampala, and will be free for all students.

 26TH june 2021, SATURDAY
08:45-9:30 : OPENING  CEREMONY: KEY 1: Role of Youths in achieving the SDGs and their involvement in Global Health
Session objectives

To discuss challenges and lessons learnt from Africa’s journey towards achieving SDGs and how youths can actively be engaged in achieving SDGs.

Designated Room Topic Designated Person Topic Position/ Organization Assigned Role Status
Zoom Link 1: Role of Youths in achieving the SDGs.


Host: World Health Summit Regional Meeting Africa Secretariate

Ms. Racheal Ndaada Chair Organising Committee WHS RM Students’ Pre-event Chair
H.E. Ssempijja Ivan Makerere University Guild President Speaker 1
Prof. Nakanjako Damalie Principal College of Health Sciences Makerere University Co-Chair
Prof. Nawangwe Barnabus Vice Chancellor Makerere University. Speaker 2
Prof. Charles Ibingira International President World Health Summit Speaker 3
Prof. Amirhossein Takian Youth Engagement in shaping Global Health Secretary 7th World Health Summit Regional Meeting Speaker 4
Dr. Yonas Tegegn Role of Youth in Achieving Sustainable Development Goals and Guest of Honor. WHO Uganda Country Director Speaker 5
BREAK (05 Minutes)
  09:35:00-10:35                            PANEL DISCUSSIONS (PD)

To attend one of the sessions but not all.

Session on Mental Health and Substance Abuse

When the subject of drug use comes up, it is often in relation to young people. This makes some sense, for while there are significant drug issues among other populations, it is during the younger years that most substance use begins. If a person in today’s world has not begun to use alcohol, tobacco or an illicit substance during this period, it is unlikely he or she ever will.

Designated Room Topic Designated Person Topic Position/organization Assigned role Status
Zoom Link 1: Mental Health and Substance Abuse


Host: Department of Psychiatry Makerere University

Dr. Raymond Odokonyero   Lecturer Department of Psychiatry Makerere University Session Chair
Mr. Bill Bekunda Kahirimbanyi


  Healthy Youth Lifestyles Options (HYLO)


Experience Session (10:00 – 10:20)
Dr. Kenneth Kalani


Department of mental Health and Substance abuse Ministry of Health Uganda Panelist 1
Mr. Wilbroad Kabagambe Mandy


Mental Health Uganda


Panelist 2  
Ms. Jackie Kisakye Nsanze The Sanctuary Uganda Panelist 4
Session on Accelerating Universal Health Coverage

Globally, there has been significant progress towards UHC, but challenges remain immense. Most parts of the world have seen expansion in the access to health services and coverage of key interventions over the last two decades yet, in many other countries, large coverage gaps remain, in particular for the poor and marginalized segments of the population.

Zoom Link 2: Accelerating Multi-sectoral and Multi-Stakeholder Action and Investments for achieving Universal Health Coverage.


Host: Nilee Africa


Prince Katerega Muteesa Joseph   CEO Nilee Africa, SDC II International Hospital Session chair
Dr. George Pariyo   Senior Scientist, Health System Programs, Department of International Health, John Hopkins Bloomberg SPH. Session co-chair
Dr. Valerie   Member of International Society of Nephrology, Affiliate Lecturer, Renal Division, Brigham Hospital and Harvard Medical School Panelist 1
Dr. Kalyesubula Robert President Uganda Kidney Foundation and Senior Consultant in Public Health and Urology Panelist 2
Prof. Ssebuufu Robinson   Dean Faculty of Medicine – KIU

Executive Director of Kampala International University Teaching Hospital

Panelist 3
Owekitiibwa. Prosperous Nankindu Health Minister Buganda Kindom Panelist 4
Session on Climate Change and Health.

Between 2030 and 2050, climate change is expected to cause approximately 250 000 additional deaths per year, from malnutrition, malaria, diarrhea and heat stress. The direct damage costs to health (i.e. excluding costs in health-determining sectors such as agriculture and water and sanitation), is estimated to be between USD 2-4 billion/year by 2030. Areas with weak health infrastructure – mostly in developing countries – will be the least able to cope without assistance to prepare and respond.

Zoom Link 3: Climate change dynamics and impact on Health.


Host: Makerere University Centre for Climate Change

Dr. Charles Batte CEO Tree Adoption Uganda Chair
Ms. Vanessa Nakate Climate Change Activist and Founder Rise Up Climate Movement Uganda. Panelist 1
Ms. Leah Namugerwa Climate Change Activist with Fridays for Future Panelist 2
Dr. Gabriel Okello Founder and Centre Director, African Centre for Clean Air Panelist 3
Mr. Sinan Kitagenda Former Chairman Wildlife Club Makerere University and Production Manager Eco Brixs. Panelist 4
  10:45-11:45.                                    ACTIVITY FAIR  

  All attendees to attend the session

Session on Digital Health, Innovations in Health and Connectivity

Under our present system, just doing our best or working harder will not be enough. The healthcare industry is on the brink of massive change. For better results, the sector needs to adopt modern technologies. Payers, patients, and policy makers are demanding better, accurate and reliable results from the sector. For improved healthcare service delivery, there is a strong need to adopt new technologies. Innovation is the only way to achieve better results. There is need for better programs that can enhance diagnosis, treatment, surgical procedures, pharmaceuticals, and medical devices among other aspects.

Designated Room Topic   Designated Person Topic Position/organization Assigned role
Zoom Link 1: Digital Health, Innovations in Health and Connectivity.


Host: Social Innovations in Health Initiative Uganda

Dr. Twinamasiko


Introductory Remarks Chair Scientific Committee WHS RM Students’ Pre-event


Mr. Gumisiriza Godfrey Street Diagnosis Team Lead Street Diagnosis Team One Presenter



Mr. Lubega Martin My Pregnancy Team Lead My Pregnancy Hand book Team two Presenter


Ms. Nangobi Mary Immaculate


Post-Partum Pads Team Lead Post-Partum Pads Team Three Presenter
Mr. Stephen Tashobya


Fetal Monitoring System Team Lead Fetal Monitoring System Team Four Presenter
Mr. Waiswa Ronald Digital Visual Assistant Team Lead Digital Visual Assistant Team Five Presenter
  12:00 – 13:00                                                                        WORKSHOP
Session on COVID-19 Dialogue

The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development was made under the premise of leaving no one behind and culminated in the development of 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDG). COVID-19 and the containment strategies introduced to break transmission chains and flatten the curve have had an impact on health, food stability, education and livelihoods. The SGDs recognise poverty as hinderance for sustainable development and prioritize its eradication under SDG 1. Border closures, lockdowns and quarantines threatened the livelihoods of individuals across sectors. The impact though, was hardest on the poorest individuals in society engaged in informal trade who could not afford to stay at home and continued to work despite the risks posed by contracting the virus amid a high prevalence of comorbidities.

On a global scale, health care systems in both high- and low-income countries struggled to provide health care amid mounting pressures imposed by the surge of patients with COVID-19.

Designated Room Topic Abstract Designated Person Topic Position/organization Assigned role
Zoom Link 1: WS 1: Students’ Experiences and Lessons learnt during COVID-19 Pandemic. Dr Ekwaro Obuku Africa Centre for systemic reviews and Knowledge Translation and Former President Uganda Medical Association.


Session Moderator
Zoom Link 2: WS 2: Testing, Treatment and Vaccination hesitancy among the youths. Dr. Misaki Wayengera


Lecturer for Pathology, Immunology, and Molecular Biology. Chair Scientific Advisory Committee on COVID-19 in Uganda Session Moderator
Zoom Link 3: WS 3: Effect of Covid 19 to health and youth involvement in prevention of spread.


Prof. Rhoda Wanyenze Dean School of Public Health Makerere University, and Member Advisory Committee on COVID-19 in Uganda. Session Moderator
13:00-13:30                                                   CLOSING CEREMONY                                           
Designated Room Topic Abstract Designated Person Topic Position/organization Assigned role
Zoom Link 1:  

Host: World Health Summit Regional Meeting Africa Secretariate

Ms. Racheal Ndaada Chair OC WHS RM Africa Students’ Pre-event Chair
Dr. Mbiine Ronald Department of Surgery, Makerere University and Patron OC WHS RM Africa Students’ Pre-event Speaker 1



Prof. Charles Ibingira International President World Health Summit Speaker 2


Mr. Patrick Mugisha Innovation to achieve Universal health coverage and Improve people’s health. Commissioner Innovation and Intellectual Property Management (Ministry of science, innovation and Technology Uganda) Keynote and Awarding best Innovator


The World Health Summit Regional Meeting 2021 will be hosted and organized by Makerere University in partnership with the Government of Uganda.

Makerere University    About Makerere


Makerere University College of Health Sciences is the oldest medical training college in East Africa with over 80 years in operation.

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June 27-30, 2021
World Health Summit Regional Meeting
Kampala, Uganda & Digital

Speke Resort Munyonyo, Kampala, Uganda


Prof Charles Ibingira
International President 2020 / 2021
World Health Summit
+256 772 437351

Hanifah N. Bukirwa
Secretariat Director 2020 / 2021
World Health Summit Regional Meeting Uganda
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