The Health of the African Youth

Session title The Health of the African Youth
Coordinator Dr. Charles Batte
Hosts MakCHS

Tree Adoption Uganda

Session Objectives This plenary will highlight the plight of Africa’s young people today, the threats to their continued sustenance tomorrow and explores ways in which government, private sector, academia, industry and youth can work together towards a healthy African youth population for today and tomorrow.
Session abstract In 2009 African Union Heads of State and Government declared 2009- 2018 as the Decade on Youth Development in Africa to accelerate youth empowerment for sustainable development on the continent. The health of the African youth is key and central to the continent’s journey towards achieving the sustainable development goals and therefore the need to carry investment in young people beyond just a decade.

The African youth will inherit tomorrow’s existential threats and take charge of today’s opportunities to address them including but not limited to 1) exponential population growth, 2) Urbanization with polluted megacities, 3) climate change with its debilitating economic impact, fall in agricultural and protein produce resulting into nutrition crises, 4) Land use changes that could lead to  habitat loss and mass extinction of species, increased interaction with wildlife leading to zoonoses 5) Technological transformation and 6) changing demographics.

By 2030, Africa’s population will be more than 42% youth: It is therefore imperative that Africa not only focus on policies that empower its youth but also proactively and meaningfully engages its young people in the formulation of such policies.

Session Format
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Panel Discussion Workshop Plenary/ Key 3
Chairs Chair: Dr. Sekagya Christine

Co-Chair: Dr Amir Aman, Minister of Health in Ethiopia

Speakers Title Contact Status
Speaker 1 (Policy/Government)

Associate Director, Health Section, Programme Division Chief medical officer UNICEF

Dr. Stefan Swartling Peterson, Sweden
Speaker 2 (Academia)

Director General World Health Organization

Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, Ethiopia


Speaker 3 (Civil Society)


Speaker 4 (Private sector)


Speaker 5 (Youth)

Youth Climate Action Advocate

Salina Abraham
Speaker 6 (Optional)


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