Young African Public Health Leadership

Virtual session link: Digital Session, Meeting ID: 976 9136 7886

Session objectives 

Panelists will discuss and provide their advice on the following:

  1. Hear voices from Africa.
  2. Promote the young generation of African leaders.
  3. Opportunity to get a ‘temperature check’ from emerging leaders on the ground.
  4. Get the African perspective from researchers with different areas of expertise and from different geographies within the continent.

Session abstract

The Africa Public Health Leaders Fellowship supports the development of the next generation of public health leaders in Africa. The fellowship helps participants to build the knowledge, insight and skills to develop and deliver national public health programmes, strategies, plans and policy in their own countries. The programme is geared towards Africans, working in Africa, who have a background in mid-level or senior public health management and who want to strengthen their public health leadership skills and knowledge in order to effect real and lasting change.

Event Timeslots (1)

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