The Lancet NCD commission

Session title The Lancet NCDI Commission
Coordinators Isaac Ssinabulya, Jeremy Schwartz
Hosts Ministry of Health – NCD program and the Uganda Initiative for Integrated Management of Non communicable Diseases (UINCD)
Session Format
Panel Discussion Session Virtual link:

Digital Session

Meeting ID: 976 7287 2014
Chairs Dr. Gerald Mutungi

Ag Commissioner, Non Communicable Diseases (NCDs) Program, Ministry of Health

Speakers Title Contact Status
Speaker 1 (Policy/Government) Ministry official (Minister of Health)


Key highlights and official launch of NCDI report



Speaker 2 (Academia) Dr. Ann Akiteng

UINCD – Deputy Director

(Redefining the agenda for NCDIs in Uganda)

Speaker 3 (Civil Society) Dr Okello David

African Centre for Health and Social Transformation (ACHEST)

[What next: Building on the gains of the NCDI commission]




Speaker 4 (Private sector)
Speaker 5 (Optional) Global Lancet Commission Neil Gupta and/or Gene Bukhman/Anna Olga Mocumbi TBC
Session Objectives
  1. Officially launch the NCDI Commission report
  2. Discuss findings of the NCDI Commission
  3. Share lessons from other commissions
  4. Next steps after the NCDI Commission
Session Abstract The Uganda NCDI Commission is part of other national commissions collectively making up the global Lancet NCDI Poverty Commission whose focus is to reframe the agenda for NCDs and Injuries for the world’s poorest. The global Commission recognizes that the endemic burden of NCDIs in populations living in poverty compared to other populations is less dominated by the WHO preventable lifestyle risk factors and their associated diseases. It therefore calls for frameworks that address material poverty as well as integrated health service delivery strategies which complement the existing WHO agenda.

The global Commission brings together cross-sectoral experts to analyze the NCDI burden, service delivery and access, financing, and policy at global and national levels. The Commission additionally determines priority strategies to address this burden and documents the relevant resource gaps in terms of finances, human resources, and governance. The Commission will use these findings to influence policies and priorities and mobilize resources for NCDIs at both the global and national levels. This session will officially launch the Uganda NCDI Commission report and discuss its findings with a wide range of experts. The global Commission representative will provide a global context for these findings and share experiences from other commissions. Ample opportunity will be allocated to address questions from the audience.


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