Intersection of COVID-19 & mental Health

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Session objectives

  1. To discuss the intersection between COVID-19 and mental health.

Session abstract 

Uncertain prognoses, looming severe shortages of resources for testing and treatment and for protecting responders and health care providers from infection, imposition of unfamiliar public health measures that infringe on personal freedoms, large and growing financial losses, and conflicting messages from authorities are among the major stressors that have driven widespread emotional distress and increased risk for psychiatric illness associated with Covid-19. Insecurity, confusion, emotional isolation, and stigma are now translating into a range of emotional reactions (such as distress or psychiatric conditions), unhealthy behaviors (such as excessive substance use), and noncompliance with public health directives (such as home confinement and vaccination) in people who contract the disease and in the general population. Extensive research in disaster mental health has established that emotional distress is ubiquitous in affected populations — a finding certain to be echoed in populations affected by the Covid-19 pandemic.

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