Emerging Technologies

Session title Emerging Technology

Developing an Enabling Environment for Emerging technologies in Health;  regulations, policies and transition frameworks

Co-ordinator Balaba Martin
Hosts Uganda Academy for Health Innovation
Session objectives To understand the key elements in fostering an enabling environment for innovations in digital health through to scale up and widespread implementation, using examples of novel collaborations, national/ supranational policies, regulations and infrastructure.
Session abstract As we move into the 4th industrial revolution, Africa has a chance to use new and emerging technologies to transform its health sector through innovation and creativity. However, currently the health sector has not realized the transformative power of digital technologies that other industries have (e.g. mobile money in banking).

In order to take advantage of the new technologies to health, new collaborations between public and private sectors, young entrepreneurs and large traditional organizations, medical professional and technologists will need to occur. We will explore examples of national and global policies which support innovation and collaborations for all those working in health (across government, non-governmental, private sector). The session will also explore how to create a balance that allows for regulation to protect the data and rights of citizens without unnecessary restrictions to innovation. Finally, the panelists will discuss ways to ensure that no-one is left behind in the drive for technological progress for health.

Session Format Panel Discussion 14 Workshop Plenary
Chairs Kenneth Muhangi-  KTA Advocates

Dr Rosalind Parkes-Ratanshi – Director Ugandan Academy of Health Innovation and Impact

Speakers Name /Title (options) Contact Status
Speaker 1 (Academia) Option 1: Professor TBC from Bahir Dar University, Ethiopia (who leading infrastructure plan with regional government to digitalize Bahir Dar city)

Option 2: Prof. Dr. Tobias Kowatsch– Assistant Professor for Digital Health at the University of St.Gallen and Scientific Director of the Center for Digital Health Interventions.

Speaker 2 (Private Sector) Option1: Nunu Ntshingila-Njeke- Facebook Africa

Option 2: Lawrence Muthoga – Technical Evangelist 4Africa Initiatives (Microsoft 4Afrika)

Speaker 3 (Policy/Government) Option 1: HE Joseph Mucheru Minister ICT Kenya or Cabinet Secretary for ICT – Kenya 

Option 2
H.E. Sarah Mbi Enow Anyang– Commissioner for Human Resources, Science and Technology of the African Union Commission

Option 3
3.Dr Matshidiso Moeti– WHO Regional Director for Africa

Speaker 4 (Civil Society) Option 1

Wairagala Wakabi, PhD-Executive Director International ICT policy for East and Southern Africa

Option 2: Francis Gurry– Director General World Intellectual Property Organization

Speaker 5 (optional) Option 1- Christopher Burns-Director for the center for digital development USAID

Option 2
Matthew Gould
Chief Executive Officer (CEO) for NHSX

Speaker 6 (Optional) TBD: MOH Uganda/Sysmex Modified hematology analytical platform for Malaria Detection: A National Program Perspective


Session notes (for circulation to speakers in the invite – not for abstract book) The format will be a panel discussion of 15 minutes prepared speech by 5 panel members and then questions from the audience (30min).

The speakers will choose one or more of the objectives from the list above to focus their discussion on and then they will take questions from the audience. We hope that the discussion will also cover such areas as;

  • How to build effective and enabling regulatory frameworks for emerging technologies
  • Universal availability and affordability of emerging technologies for health
  • Privacy and data protection
  • Creating the environment for investment in health innovation
  • Developing standards for medical technologies

Event Timeslots (1)

PD 14