Biomedical Innovations to eliminate priority infectious diseases



(Building bridges: Collaborative biomedical innovation in Africa to achieve the sustainable elimination of priority infectious diseases, in line with the SDGs)

Coordinator Linet Atieno Otieno, Senior Communications Manager, DNDi Africa
Hosts DNDi
Session objectives To present existing African-led innovation initiatives and chart a course for future work; to rally the global health community around African led initiatives
Session abstract Biomedical research in Africa is growing in experience and depth, and is focused on producing affordable access to medicines that meet African priority health needs. This panel brings together leading actors from the continent in developing, delivering and funding current and future research, being led by African researchers, working with affected communities, on the African continent, for Africa and beyond.


Their efforts target some of the most neglected diseases on the planet, which affect large numbers of people, but which do not attract sufficient resources because the people they hit hardest are poor or otherwise vulnerable and stigmatized. Diverse research partnerships have, in African tradition, pooled and harnessed scarce resources to impressive ends, tackling malaria, worm, bacterial and fungal diseases that kill stunt, and cause disfigurement and stigma.


2020 is a pivotal year for NTDs – the World Health Organization will lay out its global NTD roadmap, to guide multilateral and national efforts for the coming decade. The panelists will share insights from their experience and make proposals for how to extend their success, to ensure that by 2030, in line with the Sustainable Development Goals, neglected tropical diseases will no longer be a public health problem on the continent.

Session Format (select one) Panel Discussion Workshop 1 Plenary
Chairs Chair:  Dr. John Amuasi, ARNTD and Lancet Commission


Speakers Title Contact Status
Speaker 1 (Policy/Govt) Dr. Khadija Yahya-Malima

+255 22 270 0745

To be invited
Speaker 2 (Academia) Dr. Kelly Chibale
+27 21 650 5495
To be invited
Speaker 3 (Civil Society) Dr. Monique Wasunna

+254 20 3995022

To be invited
Speaker 4 (Private sector) Dr. Isaac Chikwanha

+41 79 426 4819

To be invited
Speaker 5 (Policy/Govt) Dr. Janet Byaruhanga

+27 11 256 3504

To be invited


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