Digital Health: Promises and Challenges towards SDG3

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Session title Digital Health: Promises and Challenges (towards SDG3)
Coordinator Prof. Kuehne Titus
Hosts SATMED / Government of Luxemburg
Session objectives
  1. To outline possibilities but also the challenges and pitfalls of digital health, to discuss political frameworks and to show what is required to scale-up existing solutions and make them sustainable.
Session abstract Digital methods are playing a rapidly increasing role in health care and are already used in virtually all areas of medicine: from electronic health records to telemedicine applications, portable devices, app-based decision support systems to payment systems for medical services. These developments will be further fuelled by novel methods from the field of artificial intelligence or new generations of sensors. The meeting will discuss the diverse possibilities but also challenges and risks (lack of standardization, incomplete data protection, poor quality assurance, problems of the last mile). In order to do justice to the complexity of the topic, representatives from politics, industry, academia and civil society will be involved in this session.
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(Uganda / Germany)

Chair: (options)

1. Evelyn Akello
Monitoring and Evaluation Technical Support, Makerere University School of Public Health (technical assistance mechanism to the Ministry of Health of Uganda 

2. Prof. Titus Kuehne
Director, Institute for Computer assisted Medicine, Charité Medical University Berlin, Germany

Speaker 1
(Policy/Government)(South Africa)
From national eHealth policies to multinational cross-border cooperation Dr.  Sean Broomhead
Chief Technology Officer at HISP-SA, member of the Ministerial Advisory Committee on eHealth in South Africa and Chairperson of the African Centre for eHealth Excellence.
Speaker 2
(Civil Society / Private sector)(Luxembourg)
Improve standardization and interoperability of eHealth by single-sign on platform SATMED Speaker on behalf of the SATMED project (
Alexandros Paschos
Project Manager at SES Networks.
Speaker 3
(Civil Society)(Nigeria)
Do’s and don’ts for implementing a successful tele-health network Speakres on behalf of the International Society for Telemedicine & eHealth (


Nigeria,  Dr. Joseph Adebola, President of the Society for Telemedicine & eHealth in Nigeria)

Speaker 4
(Civil Society)(India)
Role of regulations in the practice of telemedicine and digital transformation in healthcare



Jai Ganesh Udayasankaran
Governing Committee, Asia eHealth Information Network (AeHIN) (
Senior Manager, Healthcare Information Technology and Telehealth, Sri Sathya Sai Central Trust, India.
Speaker 5
(Academia / Private sector)(Kenya)
How to scale-up and make digital health solutions sustainable Steven Wanyee,
secretary of the HELINA network
( of the Health Informatics in Africa (HELINA – (HELINA – ( and is a board member of the OpenMRS global Community of Practice ( Steven is also the founding Secretary General of the Kenya Health Informatics Association (KeHIA – and is a Board Director of OpenMRS
Speaker 6
(Civil Society)(France)
How ICT can successfully address the challenges of the “last mile” delivery of healthcare services for poor and isolated population. Lessons learned at the Global South E-Health Observatory. Béatrice Garrette, Directrice Générale of the Fondation Pierre Fabre

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