Africa’s Journey Towards achieving the SDGs and Universal Health Coverage

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Session objectives

  1. To discuss challenges and lessons learnt from Africa’s journey towards achieving SDGs and Universal Health Coverage.

Session abstract

According to the World Health Organization, African countries have registered significant improvements in population health outcomes over the past two decades, although these gains still fall short of global and regional set targets and are not uniform across or within countries. Because of major transitions occurring in Africa coupled with health security and environmental threats, the health systems in Africa have been overstretched due to greater demand.

In response to these challenges and to guide African member states in strengthening their health systems towards achieving universal health coverage and the sustainable development goals, the WHO Regional Office for Africa has developed a framework of actions which builds on various prior frameworks. It is rooted in an integrated approach to systems strengthening, a focus on communities and districts, and appropriate sequencing of actions for the best possible outcomes. In this session, we discuss Africa’s journey towards achieving the SDGs and Universal Health Coverage, focusing on lessons learnt and challenges faced during the journey so far.

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