Advancing Technology for Health in Africa

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Session objectives 

  1. To understand the key elements in fostering an enabling environment for innovations in digital health through to scale up and widespread implementation, using examples of novel collaborations, national/ supranational policies, regulations, and infrastructure.

Session abstract

Covid-19 pandemic has reminded us that strong and resilient healthcare systems are crucial for social and economic prosperity. It has also driven widespread acknowledgement that digital technology and data form a core pillar of healthcare. Mobile and digital technology is already fast-tracking improvements in virtually all sectors in Africa. In healthcare, technology is increasingly being used to improve the delivery of health care. However, the potential for mobile technology to transform health financing has not been recognized by most institutions – public or private. Mobile health financing platforms can ensure a more equitable redistribution of funds, reduce costs and put an end to inefficiencies. At the same time, these platforms provide real-time data sharing to increase transparency, inform decision-making and drive better health outcomes for millions of people excluded from the health system.

This session will bring together experts to discuss how technology is being leveraged to improve health financing and delivery. The panelists will share experiences and lessons learned for using technology to mobilize financing to ensure that no-one is left behind in the journey towards universal health coverage (UHC). The session will also address how to create a balance that allows for regulation to protect the data and rights of citizens without unnecessary restrictions to innovations to transform financing and delivery.

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