Theme: Harnessing the Potential of Next generation health Leaders in Health Leadership


The M8-Alliance Student Network; A Platform to Empower Future Global Health Leaders.

The network aims at creating open and practical dialogue on current and future issues of global health therefore empowering students to play a role in future planning, education, research, advocacy, healthcare delivery, and health policy making in both their home countries and globally. It also aims at empowering and mentorship of students and the generations to come in health leadership. Hence, the vision of M8 will be enriched and followed by various generations. This network gathers all students, both health-related and non-health-related -with interest in health and leadership, to address the most important issues of health facing the world, currently and in the years to come and for mentorship.

 Vision:  Facilitating the promotion and improvement of global health by creating an open dialogue between students and allowing them to have a role in healthcare agenda setting, policy making, education and research in global health.

Mission: Empowering next generation global health leaders.

The M8 Alliance student network at the 8th WHS Regional Meeting in Uganda, 2021.

The M8 Alliance student network has organized a 2 days’ event aiming at mentorship and empowerment of students into health leadership.

Makerere University will aim at creating a student think-tank and participation of student representatives from all M8-Alliance member universities aiming to draft the constitution and bylaws for the M8 Alliance students’ network.

We shall have a two (2) days event for students; running from 25th June to 26th June, in order to have ample time for student participation and mentorship. This event will be free for all students all over the world to attend.



The planned activities will all take place in the Makerere University Main hall within the stipulated date and time.

 Opening and Keynote Speech: An opening event will be held in the morning of 25th June in the Makerere University Freedom Square, this will be officiated by the influential personals in the M8 Alliance network and within Uganda, the Minister for Youth in Uganda, Ms. Florence Nakiwala Kiyingi was proposed to open the event. There will be performances in music, dance and drama and exposure of different cultures in Uganda. This event will be free for all students all over the world to attend.

After the opening event, only registered students will be allowed into the venue for the keynote speech.

Student Panel Discussions: We shall have two student panel discussions to discuss the different subthemes under the major theme of” harnessing the potential to of Next generation health Leaders in Health Leadership”. Influential and Innovative students in health all over the world will be given a chance to share their opinions on the panel and then open it up to the audience for further discussion. The panel discussions will be under subthemes of “Role of young people in advancing health technology and in Achieving Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Mentorship by YPL and UMA: YPL is an association of Young Physician Leaders, who will take the students through a mentorship session in the morning of 25th June. UMA is Uganda Medical Association; a body that unites all medical personnel’s in Uganda, will equally mentor the students about the beauty of medicine in school and outside school.

Mini symposium: A non-scientific symposium has been organized for the students to take place in the afternoon of 25th June, 2021. This will run on the subthemes of; Innovation, Health and Research and Leadership and Mentorship. During the symposium, students will present nonscientific abstracts of the projects they have started or yet to start. The abstracts will be received by the committee for vetting through an email address that will be provided to the students. The participants will be given certificates and in additional prize for the overall winner.

 Student Training: A Mental Health Training has been organized for 26th June, 2021 which will be headed by the Psychiatry Department of Makerere University and Business Development and Innovation will be headed by Ms. Linn and Company from USA.

Closure: The students’ event will be closed by the Member of Parliament for the youth; Ms. Anna Ebaju Adele.


Regional Meeting Uganda 2021

June 27 – 30, 2021
Speke Resort Munyonyo, Kampala, Uganda


Prof Charles Ibingira
International President 2020 / 2021
World Health Summit
+256 772 437351

Hanifah N. Bukirwa
Secretariat Director 2020 / 2021
World Health Summit Regional Meeting Uganda
+256 782 036721


The World Health Summit Regional Meeting 2021 will be hosted and organized by Makerere University in partnership with the Government of Uganda.

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