Perspectives on Sustainable Health

Session title Perspectives on sustainable health in Africa
Coordinator Monika Berge, KI and Roy Mayega MaKSPH
Hosts Karolinska Institutet, MAK School of Public Health
Session objectives
  • To introduce the concept of Sustainable health and discuss how it can be used to tackle complex health challenges of today and tomorrow in the African region within the framework of the Sustainable Development Goals.
  • To demonstrate and discuss the ideas behind and on-going work related to the Regional Centre of Excellence in East Africa for Sustainable Health.
  • To obtain concrete ideas related to Sustainable health that can be brought forward to the larger meeting
Session abstract Five years have passed since the 2030 Agenda and the SDGs were adopted. So far, there has been more talk than real action and the possibilities that the Agenda can give have not been properly used. Investigating and instigating new ways of operationalizing a holistic and sustainable take on health in the 21st century requires partnerships, enabling the pursuit of critical and mutually beneficial multisectoral research and development of innovative health promoting tools for implementation across social, political and commercial determinants.

In this session we use the definition for sustainable health which stresses that sustainable development implies a development that ensures that it meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. The concept implies a vision of the best possible health and well-being for all according to the 2030 Agenda, within the relative limitations imposed by the present state of technology and social organization on environmental resources and by the ability of the biosphere to absorb the effects of health-related human activities. It can be illustrated by putting the health of people in the centre of the SDGs.

We will in the session get input from key stakeholders in; academia, policy/government, civil society, private sector and multilaterals, in order to get different perspectives and discuss possibilities, but also limitations with the proposed approach to sustainable health.

We hope that you join the session and bring your voice to the discussions how we can ensure best possible health to current and future generations.


Session Format (select one) Panel Discussion Workshop 3 Plenary
Chairs Rhoda Wanyenze and Tobias Alfvén
Speakers Title Contact Status
Anders Gustafsson, Acting Vice President, Karolinska Institutet
(10 min)
Sustainable health – what is it and why? Ph: +460852488331
Dr. Gerald Mutungi, Acting Assistant Commissioner,

Ministry of Health
(5 min)

How can sustainable health support Uganda to reach the SDGs? Ph: +256772401429


Dr. Soumya Swaminathan, chief WHO Science Division, Geneva HQ WHO-
(5 min)
Research for Sustainable Health – the role of WHO and academic partnerships Confirmed
Dr. Theresa Piloya,


Department of Paediatrics and Child Health

Makerere University
(5 min)

Sustainable health -perspectives from civil society and patient organisations


Ph: +254 (0) 754500310



Kennedy Njau, Medical Director – Sub Sahara Africa, AstraZeneca

(5 min)

The role of the private sector in the transformation of health systems in the 21st century Ph:+254 (0) 20 5135800

M: +254 790 53 8339


Result Innovation Challenge
Presentation of winning idea
(5 min)
Beehive – question to discuss in pairs (5 min)

Moderator Rhoda Wanyenze (Mak) and Tobias Alfvén (KI)

PANEL: Questions and discussion for panel (20 min)

Moderator Rhoda Wanyenze (Mak) and Tobias Alfvén (KI)

Summary and the way forward (10 min)

Anders Gustafsson (KI) & Rhoda Wanyenze (Mak)


Event Timeslots (1)

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