Medical Education – Training tools for implementation research

Session title Medical Education
Coordinator Dr. S Oloo
Ms Juliana Bitarabeho
TUMS (Tehran University of Medical Sciences)
Session objectives
  1. To discuss the role of post graduate training in quality improvement of care
  2. To discuss the importance of quality assurance and setting standards in the delivery of post graduate training
Session abstract Medical professionals in the region are taking on a more active role in the design and delivery of medical education. In the ECSA region alone, health professionals have formed colleges and designed curricula with the aim of delivering medical education through a collegiate system. With the rapid changes taking place, it is imperative that quality assurance matters are considered and the role of these new models in general quality improvement duly examined. In this session, we question what the role of governments should be in the light of rapid changes in the delivery of medical education. We also examine how innovations are improving and contributing to changing trends in the delivery of medical education.


Session Format  Panel Discussion Workshop 11 Plenary
Chairs Dr. S. Oloo/ Kuteesa Job
Speakers Title Contact Status
Speaker 1 (Policy/Government) Prof. Ali Jafarian
Medical professionalismREFLECT: Re-designing a Flexible differentiated Curriculum for Talented StudentsVice Dean


Chair- Department of Global Health & Policy, SPH-TUMS
Speaker 2 (Academia) Dr. Irene Andia

Quality assurance of post graduate medical education: Is it possible to establish a global standard?

Deputy Head of Post graduate training – MUKCHS
Speaker 3 (Civil Society) ECSACOP

Dr. James Kayima

Addressing Health Professional shortages: The role of emerging colleges Confirmed
Speaker 4 Dr. Amirhossein Takian


E-Learning Confirmed
Speaker 5 CANECSA

Dr. Mark Kasumba

Harnessing local resources for improvement of post graduate medical education Confirmed
Speaker 6 Dr. Teo Yik Ying
Dean, Saw Swee Hock School of Public Health, National University of Singapore

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