Impact of COVID-19 Public Health Control on SDG implementation progress

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Session objectives

  1. To discuss the impact of COVID-19 Public Health Control on SDG implementation progress

Session abstract

The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development was made on the foundation of leaving no one behind and culminated in the development of 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). COVID-19 and the containment strategies introduced to break the chain of transmission have had an impact on health, food stability, education and livelihoods.

The SGDs recognise poverty as hinderance for sustainable development and prioritize its eradication under SDG one. Border closures, lockdowns and quarantines threatened the livelihoods of individuals across sectors. The impact though, was hardest on the poorest individuals in society engaged in informal trade who could not afford to stay at home and continued to work despite the risks posed by contracting the virus. This population also has a high prevalence of comorbidities that increases the risk of adverse health outcomes from COVID-19.

On a global scale, health care systems in both high- and low-income countries struggled to provide health care amid mounting pressures imposed by the surge of patients with COVID-19. Countries also reported increases in non-covid deaths during the pandemic. The low purchasing power among low- and middle-income countries for COVID vaccines and treatments also impacted their ability to achieve good health and wellbeing.

Lockdowns disrupted the academic year for several school-going children. While digital technology provided an alternative for on-line learning, students in developing countries with reduced access to digital learning were most affected by school closures.

Although it is impossible to predict the origin of the next pandemic, encroachment on wildlife habitats increases the risk of zoonotic diseases jumping species. The pandemics highlights the need to protect ecosystems and our role as individuals in the global community.

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