How public-private partnerships can advance universal health coverage goals in Africa –ROCHE

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The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and Political Declaration for the UN High-Level Meeting on Universal Health Coverage (UHC) outlined an ambitious plan to provide access to quality, affordable health care for all by 2030. Now, less than a decade away from that target date, the world is facing unexpected challenges that are making this bold vision more difficult to achieve. The COVID-19 pandemic has exacerbated burdens on health systems around the world and created new hurdles on the path to achieving UHC.

In Africa, the pandemic is threatening progress that has already been made toward these global health goals and governments are seeking out new solutions to meet population health needs. The private sector has an important role to play in helping countries across Africa get back on track to reach the SDGs and meet national UHC goals. Initiatives, such as the SDG Partnership Platform in Kenya, that convene all stakeholders involved in the health ecosystem are a strong foundation for publicprivate partnerships and multi-sectoral collaboration.

By leveraging the unique expertise and strengths of each sector, public-private partnerships can be a more efficient and effective means to finance care, launch and operate new healthcare facilities and improve the delivery of innovative diagnostics, treatments and services, ultimately improving patients’ lives.

In March 2021, Roche launched the FutureProofing Healthcare Africa Sustainability Index, which highlighted the financial, political and socio-economic conditions faced by many African nations as they strive for truly sustainable healthcare systems and underscored the necessity of information and data-gathering. The Roundtable discussion at the WHS Regional Meeting will build on the solutions proposed by the panel of experts who helped analyze and launch the FutureProofing Index, to consider what partnership models can be used to uplift the health sector across Africa and accelerate progress on UHC goals.

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