Digital solutions for Migrants and Mobile population

Session title Digital Solutions for Migrants and Mobile Population Health – opportunity, challenges and experiences in Africa
Coordinator Ms. Yun-Hsin Liu (College of Public Health, NTU)
Hosts Chang-Chuan Chan (College of Public Health, NTU)
Session objectives
  1. To address critical regional migrants and mobile population health issues amid the SDGs era from government and global perspective
  2. To highlight the linkage between digital health infrastructure and migration health
  3. To share observed challenges and practical experiences using digital solutions for migration health management at Malawi-Zambia border.
  4. To discuss potential inter-sectoral actions for migration health
Session Abstract Toward the “leave no one behind” attainment, the global society had recognized migration as a cross-cutting and emerging issue related to all sustainable development goals. The UN high-level debate that happened in 2019 on international migration and development articulated the need for having better data and information to reflect the reality of migration phenomena. Such phenomena are even more complicated in Africa intertwine with the culture, political, and environmental contexts. According to the known evidence, migrants are often vulnerable to poor health outcomes and have limited access to services, even though they regularly contribute to their delivery.

It has been a challenge to monitor the health status, drug compliance, and health outcome among the migrant and mobile populations in Africa. The recent improvement of information, communication, and technology (ICT) infrastructure on the continent, as well as the advancement of digital solutions, is providing a unique opportunity for governments, international development agencies and partners to utilize novel technology and digital health solutions to tackle the migration health issue. However, the complexity of the migration health issue in Africa requires hands-on experiences and grounded knowledge to inform further intervention design and policymaking. In this session, invited speakers from Uganda, Malawi, and the international development community will share the current topical issues relates to migrant health and digital health. Together, we will discuss with an actual cross-border digital health project case to foster future actions.

Session Format Panel Discussion Workshop 15 Plenary
Chairs Chair: Hon. Gerald Simon Menhya, Acting Commissioner for Refugees in the office of the Prime Minister, Uganda

Co-Chair: Prof. Chang-Chuan Chan, Dean of College of Public Health, National Taiwan University, Taiwan

Co-Chair: Dr. Dan Namarika, Secretary for Health, Ministry of Health and Population, Malawi

Speakers Title Contact Status
Speaker 1

Francis Bwambale Mulekya

Regional Project Manager, International Organization of Migration (IOM), Southern Africa Confirmed
Speaker 2

Dr. Andrew Likaka

Director, Quality Management Department, MoH Malawi Confirmed
Speaker 3

Dr. Charles Ibingira

Principle, College of Medcine, Makerere University, Uganda To be confirmed
Speaker 4

Yi-Ting Elle Yang

Project Manager, Step30 International Ministries, Taiwan Confirmed
Speaker 5

TS Joseph Wu

Adjunct Instructor, College of Public Health, NTU, Taiwan

Technical Advisor, Luke International, Malawi Confirmed
Speaker 6

Rebecca Mtegha

Country Representative, Luke International, Malawi Confirmed

Event Timeslots (1)

WS 15