Dealing with Falsified and substandard Medicines in Africa

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Session objectives

  1. Description and fact-based analysis of the problem and the issues of the fight against falsified and substandard medicine
  2. Demonstration of different approaches to reduce falsified and substandard drugs entering the distribution chain with a focus on needs specific for African markets
  3. Illustrate the intense work and commitment of research-based pharmaceutical companies together with other stakeholders to detecting falsified and substandard products, e.g., by fostering the use of the Minilab and building a strong network around it
  4. Improved safety for patients can only be achieved by the sound operation of many stakeholders.

Session abstract

Falsified and substandard medicines are a global problem that endangers the health and lives of patients. The WHO estimates that about ten percent of all medicines in low- and middle-income countries are falsified or substandard, and in some regions the situation is even much worse. High-quality medicines are essential to protect patients and prevent treatment failure. Risk reduction measures focus on identifying and elimination of falsified and substandard medicines in pharmaceutical markets. The purpose of this session is to first give an overview and to analyze the scope of the problem with a focus on Africa. Practical and locally appropriate options to reduce the risk of falsified and substandard medicine entering the market will then be identifies and discussed between different stakeholder groups from Africa and Europe.

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