Care of the injured in LMICs: Remaining Challenges

Session title Care of the Injured in Low-income Countries – Remaining Challenges
Coordinator Ronald Mbiine
Hosts Makerere University – College of Health Sciences
Session objectives To highlight the burden of injuries and violence, the multi-dimensional nature of the problem, and to emphasize the urgency and need for a concerted multi-sectoral response.
Session abstract Every year more than 5 million people die as a result of an injury. Injuries such as those resulting from violence, road traffic crashes, burns, drowning, falls, and poisonings are responsible for 9% of global deaths, and the loss of 12% of health life years worldwide. Injuries and violence have immeasurable impact on the families and communities affected, whose lives are often changed irrevocably by these tragedies. Africa has been particularly impacted by violence and injuries, as it has some of the highest rates – such as drowning, road traffic crashes, and burns.

Injuries and violence have been neglected from the global health agenda for many years, despite being predictable and largely preventable. Evidence from many countries shows that dramatic successes in preventing injuries and violence can be achieved through the concerted efforts of multiple sectors including health, education, transport, policing, engineering, and community development. Unfortunately, many countries in Africa still lag behind in the implementation of these proven interventions. The international community needs to work with governments and civil society around the world to implement these proven measures and reduce the unnecessary loss of life that occurs each day as a result of injuries and violence.

Session Format Panel Discussion  10
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Dr Teri Reynolds WHO – Emergency, Trauma and Acute Care: Safely for the World

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Dr Claude Martin jr. Estimating the Economic Loss from Musculoskeletal Injuries in LMICs

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Dr Jim Harrison Modifying our Approach to Patient Care and Capacity Building in LMICs

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Dr. Charles Olaro

Universal Healthcare Coverage and Trauma:


Dr Jes Bates §pelvic and Acetabulum Surgery Education in LMICs: What to do?

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