Building Sustainable Partnerships for Addressing the burden of NCDs

Virtual session link: Digital Session, Meeting ID: 972 3016 3195


Session objectives 

1) To discuss how to build sustainable partnerships for Addressing the burden of NCDs.

Session abstract

Evidence from Global efforts to fight HIV have demonstrated that international, national, and local partnerships are effective in combating the epidemic, yet such progress is yet to be realized for the control of NCDs. Through application of their respective strengths, partnerships have been effective in mobilizing resources, providing technical support, driving innovation in biomedical and implementation science as well as engaging with governments and communities in countries with high burdens of targeted diseases at a scale previously unprecedented in global health. We believe that adoption of such approaches to NCD will significantly improve on NCD management and reduce the burden of NCDs in Africa. In this session, we will discuss how to build strong, impactful and sustainable partnerships for addressing NCDs in Africa.

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